PVC Systems

We redesign your home. For modern living conditions.

The choice of the PVC system you make is an investment for the future, which depends on the thermal insulation you wish to achieve, as also on the amount you are willing to spend.

Plasma, in collaboration with REHAU, is at your disposal to discuss about the selection and installation of your preference. According to the requirements of your space, one can choose between a variaty of tilt & turn or sliding windows.

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Moder-Life Windows.

Plasma, with advanced materials by REHAU, set out to manufacture windows as modern as our lives. Windows that not only show us the world outside, but also take care of the fresh air inside.

Depending on the taste of each customer, Plasma has the ability to construct large and small windows with one or more leaves, as also special designs such as round or triangular ones.

Make contact with us. We are happy to assist.

Easily feel safe

Plasma windows offer maximum anti-burglary protection and the strength of each system is determined according to your personal needs. Moreover, the strength requirements of class RC3 can be easily met with supplementary measures.

Smart Guard: Outsmart burglars before damage is done.

With Smart Guard we take yet another step forward. Visual and audible signals indicate to the offender that a break-in is not in the books and ultimately, prevents damage to your doors and windows.

The Smart Guard unit is hidden inside the upper frame of a GENEO or SYNEGO window. On the outside, matching colored lids ensure perfect color harmony.

10% larger items
RAU-FIPRO X - Think in new dimensions

On the account of RAU-FIPRO X
and the ability of having 50% more glass
on any window, Plasma can manufacture wide and tall windows (up to 2,8m),

with particularly thin frames, that guarantee maximum light inside the premises.

As a result, we provide great architectural freedom and an interior flooded with natural light. The particularly thin frames increase the window surface even further.

24 times quieter living

Noise means stress. With up to 24 times noise reduction, your home will turn into an oasis of peace and healthy living.

76% energy saving

90% of the frames made with RAU-FIPRO X do not need metal reinforcement. Thus, the unnecessary thermal bridges are avoided in the first place. In combination with the triple thermal insulating glass, Plasma achieve ideal Uw values of up to 0.60 W/m2K and therefore, energy saving of up to 76%.

Wide range of colors and
100% quality by REHAU

Doors and windows shape significantly the appearance of a building. . KALEIDO COLOR by REHAU offers massive variety of colors and designs, so that there is no limit for your imagination when it comes to the customization of your property.

Color, size and style of doors and windows, are determining factors in shaping the facade of your building. With innovative materials such as RAU-FIPRO X, REHAU systems offer plenty designing options that were not possible with conventional methods and you might not have thought of, until now.

All constructions are double-checked with caution before the installation. We can talk about the quality of REHAU only if all tests are successfully passed! For the customer, this means the final product meets the highest standards of the industry and comes with full warranty by the manufacturer.

PVC frames sustainable, weather resistant and maintenance free.

Exceptional flexibility, complete design freedom and optimal price-performance ratio – all this from high-quality PVC windows and doors.