A company with a different philosophy…

The company PLASMA, with extensive experience in the construction sector, manufactures with high know-how and modern equipment, a wide range of products made of aluminum and synthetic materials for many special and architectural changes. We implement ideas and designs in every area of frames, with high quality, consistency and construction excellence.

PLASMA, always following the needs and trends of the market and considering the trust it receives from all of you and even more from those who recommend it and other stakeholders, assures you that it feels the weight of these moves and will continue to offer a high profile of products and services.

Any gesture of acceptance fills us with joy and strength to continue to provide the best possible service.

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The factory unit is built in a privately owned area with the latest safety standards and the production line is divided into two independent sections, one for PVC material and one for Aluminum material. The company has the means and manpower for the installation of the structures.

The productive dynamics and the modern equipment of our facilities enable us to undertake large projects, but also to achieve the desired result in each construction, based on the structural and architectural study of each project.

In the long run, PLASMA has chosen for its partners only leading names in the field of technology-building such as REHAU, KBE, EXALCO, ALUMIL, SCHUCO, ELVIAL etc.

It provides reliability for the final product, a guarantee of quality to customers for what they receive and, by extension, to the end user, it provides a quality product, exactly as they want it.
PLASMA has a KC and applies a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008

By adopting rare manufacturing as part of its production, it gives results immediately, meeting order delivery times. Invests in reducing production costs with special equipment and focus on special manufacturing. As a result, it offers specialized products and solutions at reasonable prices. It combines efficiency with feasible cost, saving you from unnecessary expenses while giving you more options in your security.

If you believe that our products and services can meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.