Aluminium Systems

The choice of the aluminum system you make is an investment for the future, which depends on the thermal insulation you wish to achieve, as also on the amount you are willing to spend. Plasma is at your disposal to discuss about the selection and installation of your preference. Depending on the requirements of each space, one can choose between tilt & turn or sliding windows, main entrances, shutters and railings.

If the required product is not available, Plasma can design, develop, test and certify a customized solution for your needs.

Tilt & Turn systems

Tilt & turn systems have long been a popular choice for homeowners, as also for business premises. This type of doors and windows have the full package: aesthetics, high thermal insulation and low maintenance. Moreover, the construction materials of excellent quality guarantee top functionality. Plasma is offering a wide range of color variations.

The different types of Tilt & Turn aluminium systems are…

• Turning (Simple)
• Tilt & Turn
• Tilt & Turn with thermal insulation

Sliding systems

The sliding systems are ideal for non-conventional houses and heavy type constructions with wide openings. The functionality of these systems is easy and unique. They have unique architectural aesthetics and functionality. They offer high thermal insulation and a high level of safety. The quality construction materials provide ease of use even in large openings.

The different types of Sliding aluminium systems are…

• Sliding with thermal insulation
• Sliding / Retractable
• Sliding / Retractable with thermal thermal insulation (for wide openings)
• Sliding / Retractable with thin aluminium frames and thermal insulation

Special Systems

Plasma’s special architectural systems provide excellent thermal insulation, functionality, great aesthetics, waterproofing and are ideal for constructions with wide openings.

The modern appearance of the systems and the multitude of options – that come with the necessary certifications – identify them as architectural jewels.

Wide openings result to maximum indoor lighting. Suitable for homes, hotels, offices, hospitals and so forth.

Exterior Doors [Plasma Doors] [Plasma Doors]

The main entrances of Plama Doors have a unique texture and durability and can be adapted to any architectural structure. Plasma Doors with specialized staff and state-of-the-art equipment, manufacture heavy duty level doors, conventional or pivot. We can offer solutions for even the most difficult and demanding projects.

Due to the modern technological equipment, Plasma is investing in new ideas on a daily basis.

Design the door of your preference through the unique application of Plasma Doors. Choose between a variaty of styles, colors and accessories and create the door of your dreams.