Special Architectural Systems

Folding Systems

High comfort and maximum transparency.

The folding systems with thermal insulation have impressive
features, both in terms of performance and functionality. They different types of these impressive constructions are numerous.

The simple, linear design and the hardiness
of each construction, emphasize the aesthetics and the safety of the system, while the different
accessories provide solutions for any task at hand.

Ideal for wide openings, folding systems have the ultimate advantage when it comes to corner constructions. At the same time,
one leaf can be used as an entrance door. These systems have multiple choices of floor guides,
which respond perfectly
to the needs of each residence
and meet the required aesthetics. They operate smooth and quiet and
give easy access to people with disablities. They offer quiet and
smooth operation.


  • Special rolling hinges that can
    lift up to 200 kg (100 kg per leaf).

  • Waterproof with EPDM rubber and
    high-density brushes.

  • Convenient access with
    flat driver (upon request).

  • Possibility of using one leaf as main entrance.


  • Folding: 3-Leaf, 5-Leaf, 7-Leaf