Special Systems

LIFTUP Systems – Motorised Guillotine Windows

The motorised guillotine window systems LIFTUP3 & LIFTUP5, designed by PLASMA, offer unique aesthetics and functionality and are ideal even for the most demanding customers. They come with safety and operation certificates and they are perfect for any season of the year.

4Season Systems – Motorised & Manual Windshields

Ideal solution for any home or business establishment for 24-hour protection from the weather. It is easily adaptable and has all the conditions for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the area. Invest in pleasure and flood your interior with light, with the technologically advanced 4Season System by Plasma.

Α top-of-the-art protection system with applied electrostatic powder coating and triplex safety glass. It is made of aluminium, painted with electrostatic paint and 6mm glass.