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Energy Aluminum Sliding Systems



The PL30 is a complete insulation elevating sliding system, large dimensional structures up to 400 kg, and gives many solutions in all typologies, including sliding shutters, sliding anti-mosquito sieves, a single application of angular doors 90 degrees without using column in the corner, and recessed sheet with excellent insulation levels.

  • Frame width: 143,2 mm
  • Sash width: 62,5 mm
  • Min. visible height of construction: 156,5 mm
  • Sash mechanism weight limit: 400 Kg
  • Maximum glass thickness: 46 mm
  • Cross section thickness: up to 1,8
  • Thermal insulation - EN ISO 10077-2: Uf=3,2W/m²K
  • Sliding Type: Lift
  • Double horizontal sliding sash
  • Triple horizontal sliding sash
  • Two double horizontal sliding sashes with meeting point
  • Corner construction with double horizontal sliding sash
  • Corner construction with sliding sash into wall cavity
  • Single sliding sash into wall cavity
  • Double sliding sash into wall cavity with meeting point