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Energy Opening Aluminium Systems



The PL109C system design based on the latest technology of frames. It has demonstrate high performance thermal insulation thanks to 24mm width polyamide profiles. The excellent behavior of the air infiltration permeability tests in conjunction with the ability to use glass glazing thickness up to 44mm, giving the system soundproof achieving capabilities. The ability to host perimeter locking mechanism provides complete security and high performance.

Product image
Product image
Product image
  • Thermal- Break: 24 mm
  • Glazing Thickness: 17 mm Up to 38 mm
  • Min. visible height of construction: 104,2 -137 mm
  • Air Permeability: Class 4
  • Water Tightness: Class Ε 1050
  • Resistance to wind load: Class C4
  • Thermal insulation - EN ISO 10077-2: 2,2-2,8 W/m²K
  • Mechanism: Perimeter multiple locking Silverline
  • Main rubber from EPDM, internal rubbers and external waterproofing semi spongiform
  • Entrance doors swing,Single or Double sheet
  • Windows / Doors single sash or double sash
  • Composite structures with constant or corners
  • Showcases