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Retractable system with outstanding performance in all areas where stand out the double sealing rubber and small sheet width and the medium hook...

The GENEO® frames are more energy efficient windows and doors system construction depth of 86mm, which is avalable at this time on the market. After GENEO® profile can be made more energy efficient frames of their class. Create the atmosphere, which you always like to have in your home.

The RAY-FIPRO® material ensures maximum stability and protection from distortion, as well as static characteristics which until now could not be achieved without metal reinforcement.

After use in the construction of airplanes and in Formula 1, the RAY-FIPRO® It was first used in the manufacture of frames, as a material with carbon fiber.

  • Construction depth: 86 mm / medium rubber
  • Number of chambers: 6 chambers
  • Thermal insulation: Uf Up to 0,85 W/m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76% *
  • Sound Resistance: without reinforcement to Rw, P = 47 dB (with glazing Rw = 50 dB)
  • Burglar protection: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without reinforcement.
  • Air Blocking: Category 4 (EN 12207)
  • Water Resistance: 9 Α (EN 12208)

* Reducing the energy loss from the frame, the replacement of old Wood frames / synthetic 80s (Uf = 1,9, Ug = 3,0) from frames GENEO (Uf = 0,86, Ug = 0,5, frame dimensions 123 x 148 cm

  • Many architectural possibilities using individual shapes, e.g. round and triangular windows and also chamfering and Georgian bar techniques
  • Extensive range of design options using colouring with decorative foils as well as lacquering
  • Light grey gaskets with white profiles and black gaskets with coloured profiles create highlights
  • 20° chamfering and 5mm external radii for an elegant look